Welcome to spin off showdown. An article where we pitch a character from two shows and pit them up against each other to see who would have a better spin off using the same scenario. This week its all about higher learning as we pit Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad against Jill ”The Mouse” Chen from The Carrie Diaries to see who would have the better college/university spinoff. 

Season_2_-_Walt_JrWalter White Jr. (A.K.A Flynn)

*spoilers ahead*

Role on Breaking Bad: Walt Jr. was the son of protagonist Walter White. His cerebral palsy means he has a stutter and requires the use of crutches to walk. Throughout most of the show he’s usually seen eating breakfast and occasionally getting into trouble. He idolizes his uncle Hank and views him as a hero and is also very loving of his father, always taking his side in arguments as well as setting up a site for donations during his cancer treatments. Near the end Walt Jr. or Flynn becomes aware of his fathers activities and comes to hate him, even going as far as telling him to go die when he offers to send him money. 

Juniors role on the show is inspiration for Walter. Wether standing up for him after he is mocked for his disability or teaching him how to drive he serves as an inspiration and justification for his actions.

Pitch: A coming of age story set around Walt Jr. (now going by Flynn) as he embarks on a journey of discovery, growth and ultimately acceptance. Set 6 months after he receives the trust fund from Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz Walt Jr. is off to college for a degree he hopes will make things better. But things don’t go as planned after people find out he’s the son of one of the most notorious drug dealers ever which makes him one of the most popular people on campus. Now Walt Jr. has to deal with his sudden celebrity as he tries to change his life for the better in a journey that will see him finding love, growing up, becoming his own man, and maybe even forgiving dear old dad.

Why he deserves his own spinoff: You know that meme about Walt Jr. and breakfast? that’s why. He’s a character who has a lot still unknown about him. What kind of student is he? What is he like with girls? There’s a number of questions never answered about Walt Jr. and with a college spinoff the can be explored. 

Guest Appearances: It wouldn’t be a spin off without references or the occasional guest appearance would it? Skylar White and Maria Schrader are the best choices to cameo since none of the other characters that made up the Breaking Bad universe had any interaction with Jr. (save for Saul) who are still alive. And as a student he’d probably call home during the series. And while it maybe controversial Walter White could make an appearance since part of the show is about Jr. dealing with his fathers legacy if they used dream sequences or flashbacks.

mouse-black-pink-green-fairisle-sweaterJill “The Mouse” Chen

Role on The Carrie Diaries: Jill is one of Carrie’s best friend and is the over achiever of the group. She’s obsessed with her grades and is hoping to go to Harvard. But breaking away from the goodie-goodie image. Jill has had boyfriends before, had sex, and even smoked weed once. As the series progresses she becomes less and less shy and more of her own person.

Jill is one of Carrie’s best friends. She is loyal, competitive and is determined.

Pitch: Jill is on her own at the ivy league school of her dreams but is finding herself friendless and alone. Wanting a change she makes friends with the nerdier people hoping to lead the charge for them and get them out of their bubbles. Set in the decade that brought us Revenge of the nerds and National Lampoon’s Animal House Jill goes on a journey that helps her to see something beyond the textbooks and grades she’s spent her life chasing.

Why she deserves her own spinoff: Jill’The mouse”Chen bares very little resemblance to her character in the book making her open for interpretation. She also has the most potential for growth of anyone in the series given the changes that most freshman go through. Since we already know where Carrie’s story ends it wouldn’t make sense to give her a spinoff and since Maggie is off to be wed she wouldn’t work in a college spinoff scenario.

Guest Appearances: Unlike Walt Jr.s show the guests could be anyone from The Carrie Diaries cast. But most likely her core group of friends would be the ones to do a guest appearance. With the 1980’s setting this can be done in two ways: First would be through a voice over narrating a letter written to her. Second is to have her call them on the pay phones around the campus. 

 Well, what do you think, readers? Which show would you rather see as a spinoff? Let us know in the comments below, and check back for more Spinoff Showdowns!