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During our latest TV Dudes episode we were discussing TV Dads.

They have always been there to raise us and steer us in the right direction… or wrong direction in life. Where would we be without the wisdom of Homer Simpson, the compassion of Archie Bunker, the strong moral values of Walter White? There are so many great TV dads that it is difficult to choose who is truly the “greatest” TV dad… unless you use a foolproof bracket!

And that’s just what we are doing.

We have narrowed down our list of dads to 48 and broken them up into 6 categories. The categories are: Heroic Dads, Goofy Dads, Cops and Criminals, Animated Dads, Lovable Dads and Cruddy Dads. Obviously the term “great” will be a bit subjective.


Here is the bracket:

Now lets get to voting. First up: HEROIC DADS and COP/CRIMINAL DADS:

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Every few days we will post the results and enter the next round so be sure to check back!