Breaking Bad.
Breaking Bad is the greatest show ever. Fact. If you are unfamiliar with this show then stop reading this and watch the show immediately. It will be the best decision of your life. If you are currently watching the show but you are not current on the show then also stop reading this and watch the other eps now. Because I am about to spoil parts of the show and speculate on future plot points that also might be considered spoilery (if they come true). So…


Now… I am writing this at the conclusion of  episode 6 “Buyout“. Thus far this season has been incredible. It toggles between the action-packed adventurous episodes full of Mr.Wizard magnetic evidence elimination, bug-house cooking, and train heists, and the tense interpersonal drama of terrorized children and spousal suicide watch. This season does not allow you to take a moments breath.

At the end of the episode “Hazard Pay” I had a theory about where the season intended to go and in the course of watching this most recent episode and in discussions with friends I now believe I know what they intend to do and I am excited to share my theory.

Theory Part 1 – The Hit
Walt (Bryan Cranston) intends to put out a simultaneous hit on the eight henchmen in prison who Mike (Jonathan Banks) has been paying to keep quiet.

“Walt! Don’t you dare!”


Walt clearly does not see eye to eye with Mike on the idea of showing loyalty to these men and paying them off from the group share. These guys, after all, were part of Gus‘ regime; a regime which held Walt hostage, forced him to cook, and then tried to kill him. He feels no loyalty to them and now, because Lydia informed Walt, he is aware that those men can connect Walt to the meth business. They are a liability that needs to be eliminated in order for Walt to build his empire. The only hitch is that they are in prison and Walt lacks the connections to take all of them out (he certainly doesn’t lack the money). I figured that Walt would find his prison connection through good ol’ shady Saul. BUT then along comes Todd (Jesse Plemons) with the seemingly innocuous comment that he has “prison connections”. THAT is just what Walt was looking for in order to eliminate those loose thread henchmen. Now I expect that Walt will begin to put things in motion to get the right men in place to be able to pull of a huge prison hit. That brings us to…


Theory Part 2 – The Example
During the meet-up with the Arizona drug cartel, Walt will kill Mike.


Victor couldn’t… cut it!

Mike is a threat to Walt. Walt wants to be the feared man in the room, but he is easily pushed around by Mike. Walt expected that he would be able to control Mike and use him as his distribution goon. That clearly is not the case. Walt is back to being a lackey in his own business and he can’t tolerate that. Recall Walt’s foreboding speech to Jesse at the end of “Hazard Pay” when he talks about Gus killing Victor (“Boxcutter“)? He pointed out that the murder not only acted as a message to Walt and Jesse about how ruthless and dangerous Gus was, establishing his dominance, but Walt also speculated that Victor was killed because he stepped out of line, cooking meth unasked, and Gus couldn’t have an underling he can’t fully control.

Walt will do the same thing with Mike. He will kill him in front of the competitor drug cartel, not only to eliminate the threat among his ranks but also to send a clear message to his competition. That he is the dangerous criminal mastermind they call Heisenberg. Walt is meeting with the competitor to strike a deal with them, size them up, and show them who he truly is an that he must be feared.

With Mike out of the way Walt will definitely have to kill the prisoners since nobody will be paying for them any longer. These events will scare Jesse into sheepishly following Walt and set the course of event for the final season where we jump forward a year.


If you ever listened to my reviews on the tv show ‘LOST’ in the past you will be aware that I love to speculate on what might happen and quite frequently I am wrong. But it is always fun to theorize. And even if I am wrong I am always satisfied with what Breaking Bad delivers.

So, let me know what you think!

Am I on the money or way off base?