Geek Techniques is bringing you new geeky themed cocktails each week. This week  Grant makes a cocktail based on his favorite tv show of all time, ‘Lost’, called “The Smoke Monster”!

Grant Davis

The Smoke Monster 

Posted by  Grant Davis

Welcome back to Geek Techniques! The Lounge Geeks decided to have a get-together and make a variety of geek-themed cocktails. We also documented the processes so that we could share our great and not so great cocktail inventions with you! This week we look at the first geeky cocktail we filmed (hence its a bit sloppy at first) based on Grant’s favorite TV show ‘LOST’. It’s called: ‘The Smoke Monster’.



What You’ll Need:

• 2 oz. Sprite
• 1 oz. Vodka
• 1 Sprig of Mint
• 1 Box of Food Coloring (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green)
• Dry Ice




Written Procedure:

Crash on a mysterious island. Find a hatch on the island which coincidentally contains all of the supplies you need to make this. Pour Sprite and vodka in a glass. Add a few drops of each color of food coloring. March into the jungle to find Suns herb garden. Steal some mint. If you get caught, accuse Sawyer. Add the mint to the drink. Commit fratricide to make the drink smokey…. or just add some dry ice. Enjoy!  

"Drink me, Mr.Eko!"

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