Geek Techniques is bringing you new geeky themed cocktails each week. This week  Allison presents a cocktail named for everyones favorite Star Wars robot, R2D2.

Grant Davis

The R2D2

created by Allison Murphy | posted by Grant Davis

Welcome back to Geek Techniques! The Lounge Geeks decided to have a get-together and make a variety of geek-themed cocktails. We also documented the processes so that we could share our great and not so great cocktail inventions with you! This week Allison will teach you how to make a cocktail called ‘The R2D2’. You don’t get what that is referring to? Get off of this site! 

Also, cocktail might not be the right word. This is sorta trashy. 


What You’ll Need:

• 1/2 can of Dr.Pepper
• 2 oz. Spiced Rum



Written Procedure:

Empty out half a can of Dr. Pepper (we recommend drinking it or pouring it on some plants to feed them). Pour two shots of rum into the can. Sneak the drink into non-drinking functions. Make beeping noises at people.

Beep Boop Druuuunk!

Keep checking back at Geek Techniques for more great geeky cocktail ideas!