Geek Techniques is bringing you new geeky themed cocktails each week. First up, Grant makes a Breaking Bad themed cocktail he call the Heisenberg!

Grant Davis

The Heisenberg Cocktail

by Grant Davis

Welcome back to Geek Techniques! The Lounge Geeks decided to have a get-together and make a variety of geek-themed cocktails. We also documented the processes so that we could share our great and not so great cocktail inventions with you! For the very first geek cocktail, I am proud to present to you guys the ‘Heisenberg’. Named for Walter Whites criminal mastermind pseudonym on the greatest television show ever in the history of the universe, Breaking Bad, this is a fairly simple little cocktail with a twist.

What You’ll Need:

• Gin (1 oz.)
• Tonic (2 oz.)
• Ice
• Wide-neck 125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask (I guess you can just use a regular glass but thats lame)
• Blue Food Coloring
• Dry Ice (optional)


Written Procedure:

Ensure you are working in a sterile environment. Wearing a gasmask and other proper PPE, fill the flask halfway with ice (chipped ice is preferable). Pour in the gin and the tonic. Add 1-2 drops of blue food coloring. Mix and serve! Be ready to make several for your customers. This stuff is addictive!


Respect the Chemistry!

For additional flair, add a small piece of dry ice. Enjoy!


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