Kayla Kromer’s Whoppers

by Kayla Kromer

photo by Neil Miller

Today I’m revealing the Burger King Whopper Beds I made for MTV Spring break 2011, at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas!

You can see the beds on the red carpet on the bottom left side of this sky view.

Early February was ushered in with a pile of emails wanting beds very similar to my first Hamburger Bed.  As the negotiations got serious, I found out that the beds needed to be modeled after a Whopper, exciting. I gave them my incredibly fair price of 6K for a bed, and then they ordered 2! And they wanted them in 3 weeks!

photo by Neil Miller

That gave me 3 weeks to do my magic, 2 weeks to work, and 1 week to ship. I also have a “real job”, so I worked 230 hours in 2 weeks. My birthday came and went in a frenzy of fabric shopping, cutting and sewing.

The Whopper Beds vary from the OG Hamburger bed:

There are details in the pillows now. Also, there were 3 emails making sure I didn’t put cheese on the Whopper.

photo by Kayla Kromer

On a Whopper :

a Ketchup Blanket

4 Pickle Chips

2 Onion Slices

2 Tomato Slices

Lettuce (not pictured, so you can see the pillows)


They will appear on MTV Spring Break on March 28, 2011.

What do you think?!

photo by Neil Miller

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